About Us

MOMENTUM Aviation is the solution for business clients, for whom time is money and for passengers who like to travel in comfort and without complications.


We make the impossible possible, thanks to our in-house operational resources, our contacts that go back many years and purely and simply because of our creativity. Security, punctuality, reliability and discretion are our top priorities. 


MOMENTUM Aviation is a progressive and dynamic company specializing in private jet charter. You can rely on our team of experienced charter brokers, with more than ten years’ experience in the aviation industry, to offer only the best charter solutions, tailored to your needs.


High quality, fully trained and experienced staff offering a safe and professional service to MOMENTUM Aviation, to fly with you and are always on hand to meet your needs.     


We have special price agreements with Light Executive Jet, Midsize Executive Jet, Heavy (Long Range) Executive Jet and Helicopters.


Chartering a Private Jet is over all the answer to special needs. MOMENTUM Aviation helps you to find the right aircraft that will meet your requirements and enable you to choose wisely for either your company or your own comfort.