Aircraft Charter

  • Productivity Gains


Using MOMENTUM Aviation offers you the possibility to flight directly to your final destination; avoids you to queue and lose time in the Commercial Aviation terminals (controls are simplified; you can arrive 15 minutes before the departure).


  • Flexibility


You need to realize last minute changes? New destination to add or delay your departure? You just need to make a call and MOMENTUM Aviation will handle the modification always acting fast and precise.


  • Comfort & Security

For an equivalent flight, we are able to offer you different models of aircraft depending on your budget and requirements; it is sometimes difficult to choose between two offers. MOMENTUM Aviation will always help you to choose the most comfortable and safe solution.


  • Privacy

You can always count on MOMENTUM Aviation discretion.


  • In-flight Services

MOMENTUM Aviation is always following your operations with a special care in the on-board services (special needs in terms of catering, flowers, entertainement… are checked for each operation).


If you need to meet those requirements described above, or if your needs are different (incentive flight for your most valuable partners or clients; sanitary repatriation), MOMENTUM Aviation is the most reliable provider for your Business flights.


Additional services

Because we all have preferences, each flight can be tailored to your requirements and budget:


  • Special Catering - Good Taste Knows No Boundaries! 


Where do you find the crispest salad and fresh baked baguettes just like you'd get in Paris? Sole straight from the grill and a steak done to perfection?  An egg sunny-side up for breakfast and luscious strawberries for dessert?

Why at a Gourmet Restaurant in the skies.


  • Ground services


Rent a limousine or a yacht? Need a hotel room?


  • Helicopter


You want to avoid traffic jam, your time means money? Helicopter transport is always a good solution.